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Board Break-a-thon 2023

School Owners, register your Board Break-a-thon date and access the toolbox of resources to make your Board Break a success for your school & community.  

Thank you for partnering to bring awareness to Suicide & Bullying Prevention. 

The Leadership Harbor Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization.

Scroll below to see the GTMA Schools already registered. 

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How To...

Step 1: Pick a Date/Time that works for your school to do the Board Break-a-thon. We suggest sometime in September for Suicide Prevention Month. 

Step 2: Register Below

Step 3: Check out all the resources below - some for you, some for your participating students. 

Step 4: Tell your students & families to save the date and start gathering sponsors. 

Step 5: Tell the Community & Enjoy the event!

Step 6: Report your event happenings & get ready to see the impact in your community. 

Board Break Resources - 

Sponsor/Donate to a Participating Student, School or in General

Board Break Banner_ Banner Mockup.png
After the Board Break - 

You've had a successful event, now what?  

Tally things up - how many participants, how much did you raise? 

Share your success - take to your social media and share some pictures or videos so your community can celebrate.  

Collect the funds and send one (1) check to Leadership Harbor Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 Not-for-profit,  (5730 R St., Suite E, Lincoln, NE 68505).  We will work with each school to create a plan to use the funds you raise in your community.   What resources and/or training are best suited for your school/community and what can be covered by the funds you raised.

For GTMA Schools that raise over $1,000 this year, you'll get an Official Board Break School floor banner (see example), a downloadable poster for your school &/or students, and CALM decals for your students.  

CALM Suicide/Bulling Prevention Training and the "Speak Life. End Bullying." film and resources are options that can be provided to schools and communities.  Contact Chris to learn more today. 

Participating GTMA Schools/Clubs: 

• Longoria's Tactical Martial Arts, Lincoln, NE

• Crossover Martial Arts & Fitness, Elko New Market, MN

• Heller Martial Arts, Falls City, NE

• Tactical Martial Arts, Marietta, GA

• Integrity Martial Arts, Murrieta, CA 

• Empower Martial Arts, Tallahassee, FL

• Chippewa Martial Arts, Beaver Falls, PA

• Master Jones Martial Arts, Owensboro, KY 

• Coronado's Family Martial Arts, Jacksonville, FL

• Kassebaum's Martial Arts, Bellevue, NE

• GM Niblock & Instructors, Round Rock, TX

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